Employer Frequently Asked Questions

You may start using Manila Jobs  to find potential candidates soon after you register with us. For that, you have to simply fill up the registration form wherein you provide some basic information such as name of your company name, tagline, brief description about your company, company website, youtube video (if applicable), and your company logo.

This information is shown along with the job vacancies you post. Talented candidates are easily enthused with such advertisements; so your chances of finding suitable candidates for your openings are very high. However, sensitive details like your telephone number and postal address are kept confidential.

Yes. As part of our aim to find the most suitable applicants for your business, our site runs several paid advertising, marketing and social media programs. We have partnered with several publisher networks with more than 25,000 sites that include professional career development sites, business information sites, job boards, advertising networks, blogs and search engines.

Because nowhere else can you find the right mix of professionalism, experience and expertise in the recruitment industry. We employ it 100% to spot most potential and talented candidates and forward their resumes best fitting positions. This is an additional benefit  as we substantially save time and efforts for employers by handing them appropriate candidates every time!

In addition, we have kept our employer pricing affordable yet competitive than any other online job platforms.

We value your relationship with us and further, care for you and your business. We will keep them privately and securely. If you believe that your account has been improperly disclosed, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will take further action about your concerns.

An email notification will be automatically sent out whenever someone applies to your job posting.

You can also see the list of applicants and their details from your Job Dashboard under My Account >> Manage Jobs.

This error indicates that you or another member of your company has used same email address to access this account. If so, you must re-register with Manila Jobs using another email address or simply login on your existing account.

You will find a reset password link on the login page. You can either enter your email address or username and you will be emailed an instruction on how to recover your account.

In case you have any difficulty resetting your password, contact our support team through email at [email protected]. We will help you retrieve the original login credentials or guide you on how to reset your password.

Manila Jobs does not guarantee a successful hire for your job postings. You will get applicants but we do not have full control over their qualifications and skills. However, as a part of our aim to provide you the right applicant, we constantly send out newsletter and tips to every job applicant to help them out on the application process.

Job Seeker Frequently Asked Questions

Manila Jobs encompasses enterprises from entire Philippines and hence can connect you with plethora of businesses, including national corporate houses, small enterprises and startups. So your resume gets better visibility here as compared to any other place. Apparently, you can expect better pay package and promising job offers when you register with Manila Jobs.

Manila Jobs allows walk-in job seekers to immediately start hunting for jobs by clicking the “Find Jobs” section on our website. You can either choose from the jobs shown therein, or can enter keywords of relevant position in the search box. However, we encourage every job seeker to create an account as you can save your resume and easily use it to apply for jobs.  You can also track your applications and instantly receive notifications when you are registered at Manila Jobs.

If you find yourself eligible and possess necessary experience and/or qualifications for a chosen position, you can click “Apply for Job’ and follow the instructions provided to complete your application.

Walk-in job seekers are welcome and can directly apply on job postings. However, we encourage you to register so you can save your resume and easily use it to apply for jobs. You will have an added benefit of tracking your job applications and receiving notifications if you are a registered user.

We believe that everyone has the right to apply for a job they are qualified for. However, we advise that you only apply for jobs that your are confident with. Screening process will be done by the employer based on the candidates’ qualifications and skills.

Application process for different jobs may call for different prerequisites and so the time taken for each may differ. As a usual practice, you have to submit your individual details and attach your resume / CV.

Majority of employers will look for your Resume/CV upon application.

If you are a walk-in job seeker, remember to attach your Resume/CV before submitting your application.

For registered users, fill up the online resume located under  My Account >> My Resume. You will have an option to upload a secondary downloadable resume for employers. Make sure that your CV is in an acceptable format as .doc or .docx, or .pdf.  Document size stipulation for the CV file, as indicated in the form, is another aspect to keep in mind.

You may apply directly on available jobs using your predefined online resume.

If ever you face any problems despite abiding by all these factors, you may contact us at – [email protected].

A confirmation message will be displayed after submitting the form.

If found eligible for a specific job, you will be contacted directly by the employer through an email or telephone call. You are also updated about further course of action such as the interview schedule, place, etc.

We suggest you should not stop if your application doesn’t appeal the recruiters. Rather, keep a close watch on our job listings and make sure you create a Job Alert (under My Account >> Job Alerts) for you to receive job notifications that match your criteria.

You can also create Job Alerts directly from a job posting page if the job being displayed is similar to what you are looking for.

Manila Jobs strives to extend many exclusive benefits to you. One incredible advantage is the Job Alerts feature in which you will receive alerts through your email address whenever a new job that matches your criteria is available.

You will find a reset password link on the login page. You can either enter your email address or username and you will be emailed an instruction on how to recover your account.

In case you have any difficulty resetting your password, contact our support team through email at [email protected]. They will help you in getting the original login credentials or guide you to reset the password.